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Oahu Circle Island Ali’i Lani Journey

February 3, 2014

Journey the island of Oahu revealing the history of Hawaii’s Ali’i (Royalty) and sacred sites on a comprehensive Circle Island excursion, covering nearly 120 miles (193km) on the island of Oahu. Together, guests and guide will explore natural features, scenic coastal bluffs and vistas, a Macadamia nut farm and pineapple plantation, including scenic North Shore coastal areas, surfing beaches and spectacular views of the windward Ko’olau mountain range and coast that one can only experience on the island of Oahu.

As a result of Hawaii’s incredibly diverse ecosystem, the islands of Aloha become the perfect backdrop for a variety of different environments – from arid desert to mountain pine forest, verdant grassland to majestic mountain terrain – in addition to the lush tropical rainforests and pristine sand beaches Hawaii is known for. Most of the ecosystems you will discover and journey throughout, during your island adventure.

Upon departing from the Waikiki resort area, we trek around the island of Oahu to a number of locations beginning along the crater of Diamond Head and continuing down the Ka Iwi coastline – visiting the sparkling Hanauma Bay, Halona Blowhole and Makapu’u Lookout, among other sites.

Standing high on the Nu’uanu Pali Lookout, you may envision the life of Hawaii’s Ali’i and ancient battles fought on the cliffs and in the valleys around you. Your trip continues along the island’s majestic pali-cliffs of the Ko’olau Mountains as you swiftly journey along windward Oahu’s East-facing coast, in addition to a visit in central and North Shore areas of the island. Sites we visit along the way, some of which include: a working Macadamia Nut farm, tropical gardens, ancient ‘heiau’ (Hawaiian Temple), pineapple plantation, natural features and vistas and a few surprises along the way.

Your circle island activity includes cruising through serene ancient waterways and an aquaculture fishpond from strolling through tropical lush gardens to visiting a sacred Hawaiian agricultural temple site. Multiple coastal and beach stops from rocky coastal sea bluffs to famous sandy surf beaches. Exceptional photo opportunities abound at this, and at every site, of this full-day tour. In fact, all the locations we visit are settings of natural beauty or cultural and historical significance. During the days activity, your guide will point out the surrounding plant and bird species, ancient archaeological sites, describe Hawaii’s unique geology, natural and cultural history.

Oahu Circle Island Ali’i Lani Journey Tour Stops Include:
• Hanauma Bay (coastal vista stop)
• Halona ‘Blow Hole’ & beach featured from the motion picture: “From Here To Eternity” (natural feature coastal & beach stop)
• Nu’uanu Pali Lookout 
• Macadamia Nut Hut & Fish Pond 
• Moli’i Gardens at Kualoa Ranch (tropical garden stop)
• Windward Coast (including a non-host lunch at a windward grill)
• Dole Plantation (souvenir shopping & taste opportunity)

The tour highlights for the Oahu Circle Island Ali’i Lani Journey includes the following:
• Diamond Head (crater slopes)
• Makapu’u Lookout (coastal journey)
• Waimanalo Town (windward coastal journey)
• Rain Forests
• Polynesian Cultural Center (windward journey)
• Mormon Temple (windward journey)
• Sunset Beach (coastal journey)
• Banzai Pipeline (coastal journey)
• Waimea Bay (coastal journey)
• Pali Cliffs of the Ko’olau Mountains (windward coastal journey)
• Kahala (Ka Iwi coastal journey)
• Koko Head (crater slopes)
• Sandy Beach (coastal journey)
• Pineapple and agriculture fields (central isle-country journey)

Explore the island locations in a group tour setting. We provide our guests with an opportunity for a non-host meal stop en route. Your Circle Island experience includes multiple beach locations along the Ka Iwi coastline, windward Oahu, and famous North Shore surfing beach visits and other surprises!

Group Price Includes:
• Round-trip transportation from resort/condo in the Waikiki Resort area
• Park access fees
• Narrative guide

Suggested Items to Bring:
• Additional spending money for gratuity, souvenir shopping, lunch, beverage and/or snack
• Comfortable walking shoes
• Sunscreen
• Insect repellent
• Bottle water
• Camera

Restrictions for Participants:
• 11 years of age or younger to be accompanied by an adult
• Hanauma Bay is not accessible for viewing on the weekday of Tuesday

Access to vistas and beach areas are dependent on surf conditions and seasonal weather rainfall amounts. Itinerary tour stops and tour journey is subject to change without notice. Activity includes less than a half a mile of walking distance throughout the day.

For further details or to book your Hawaiian excursions, visit or call 1-888-331-3668.

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